CP-1 High End:

  • Carlos CP-1 High End is an acoustic guitar system, that became a regular among todays most sophisticated acoustic purists
  • Besides “Carlos”, the models “Eric” and “Vicente” named in honor to it’s owners/users Eric Clapton (2004) and Vicente Amigo next to Pat Metheny, George Benson, Roger Hodgson, Paulo Bellinati and many others.
  • Solid wood housing preamp with 4 mini pots for personal adjustments
  • (gain, bass, middle, high)                                                                                              


790,- Euro *



also available as Black Box Edition



Black Box Edition:

  • Same specifications plus mother of Pearl inlays and elegant Japanese varnish case

  • Designed for players and collectors who demand the best of high end acoustics, all systems ser.# numbered and limited

  • Models include “Carlos”, “Eric” and “Vicente”

  • Mini soundhole gain pot included, battery compartment options

  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

  • Installation is free in our workshop in Frankfurt.                                                        


990,- Euro *


Vicente Flamenco Doble Limited Edition:

  • VIP double preamp with undersaddle transducer and CS-Sensor

  • 2 X Mid- and Gain-Controls

  • TRS-endpin (Y-Cable) with two separate signals

  • Soundhole double gain pots for each signal


599,- Euro *


  • VIP-Double is a dual system with undersaddle transducer and CS-Sensor

  • 2-channel preamp with a TRS-Jack (Y-Cable) including two soundhole gain pots

  • Available as mono version on order                                                                             

499,- Euro *


  • VIP-Double-M is a dual channel system with coax transducer and mini microphone
  • with a preamp build into a TS (mono) endpin jack
  • Includes 3 mini controls on soundhole (gain, mid and micro)
  • Amazing for any type of guitar

499,- Euro *

VIP-OEM (acoustic 6 edition):

  • VIP-OEM is a single channel pickup based on the famous CP1A-VIP circuit and VIP-Double look

  • including 2 mini pots (mid and gain) and a soundhole gain pot

  • It has been used in diverse limited productions as of Furch and Breedlove guitars

  • Comes with an undersaddle coax transducer and with battery indicator LED            

329,- Euro *


  • CS-Sensor in carbon housing doubletapes on guitar top outside or inside

  • No modification to the guitar!

  • Excellent for Flamenco, Selmer style or any other stringed instrument as Oud, Sitar or even Cajun

  • Transmits finest vibrations without any feedback

  • Needs no battery, endpin jack assembly included                                                                 

229,- Euro *

NEW! Carlos Soundhole Pickup:

  • AlNiCo Magnet Blades

  • Precision Made

  • Carbon Plate – will be fitted for each guitar individually

  • Terrific Sound  as usual with Carlos Products

  • Made on order only                                                                 

400,- Euro *                                     *(export price)                                                                                                           

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